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New Mexico Car Insurance Information

Known as the “Land of Enchantment”, NM came into the nation as a member of the hotly-disputed New Spain place that was eventually claimed by Texas, Mexico and France before ultimately being ceded to america after the MexicanAmerican War. After eventually joining the Union in 1912, NM has since grown to develop technology hotbeds in both public and private sectors. Now you understand a little about the state, let us take a peek at New Mexico auto insurance and how things function in the state.

As with 37 other states within the nation, New Mexico manages its automobile insurance laws under what’s called the ‘tort’ system. This essentially means that whenever an injury happens, one party involved is deemed the ‘at fault’ party, and this individual (and their automobile insurance) is subject to financial claims and legal action.

Automobile insurance law in NM mandates that motorists must keep fiscal obligation by purchasing coverage in two distinct kinds of auto insurance coverage. First, Bodily Injury Liability insurance offers protection for the medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages and other related charges for the other driver, passengers and pedestrians which are injured in a collision where you’re the ‘at fault’ party. This insurance doesn’t protect you or your passengers – it is meant to safeguard against injury claims from others. Drivers must buy 000 per party, per accident, coverage of no less than $ 25 and $ 50, 000 for all parties within a accident.

Except it covers property, including the other cars in the mishap, and not their injuries as well as individuals – property Damage Liability insurance works similar to the preceding Bodily Injury Liability coverage.

Thanks to some crash and larceny numbers that we’ll take a good look at under, New Mexico drivers appreciate less expensive car insurance than the remainder of the country, normally. It costs city motorists a little more for automobile insurance than those in rural areas, as you might assume. Generally Speaking, the statewide rate trend is down, that’ll hopefully take into the future.

New Mexico crash data demonstrates that numbers were mainly unchanged between 2009 (the most-recent year for which data is available) and 2008. NM was really one of the only states that did not find a fall in crashes in 2009, even though it is really good news that these figures did not grow year over year. For stats junkies, the 2009 numbers represented a speed of 18 fatalities, 297 crashes and 2

per 100, 000 citizens – this compares badly to the national averages of 793 crashes, 1 and 11 fatalities. Having a *appear at auto theft numbers, motorists in New Mexico has some bad news and some good news to hear. The downward trend is really slower than that of the remainder of the country, as the real amount of car thefts has trended downward over recent years. The 2009 numbers put as the 8th greatest state for vehicle thefts New Mexico, but while the state rates 36th in total population. The 2009 numbers signify a decline of nearly 20%, in comparison to the 2008 total of 8, 026 reported vehicle thefts! And yet, the state remains the highest in the region for vehicle thefts, a position it has held for the three years preceding the 2009 totals.

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