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Alaska Auto Insurance

Situated in the far north and divided from america mainland by Canada, Alaska makes for some impressive driving scenery and is filled with scenic wonders. Speaking of driving – let us have a *appear at Alaska’s automobile insurance, how it operates, and what you’ll have to know to begin with driving Alaska’s highways.

There are several key points that motorists that are new to Alaska’s auto insurance system must understand. First, AK (like many states) follows what is called the “tort” system. This implies that whenever there can be an accident, among the drivers will be decided to have caused the accident, and is labeled the “at fault” party. This individual and their insurance will be accountable for coping with any suits and paying out claims. Should you not cause accidents while this does mean your insurance premiums likely will not climb – it does leave one should they are actually in an accident brought on by an uninsured motorist exposed.

The authorities has decided that all drivers must have automobile insurance policy in several different areas to be considered legitimately permitted to drive. Bodily Injury Liability insurance is the plan that covers medical treatment and associated expenses for the other parties in a collision where you’re discovered to be responsible. The minimal amount of the insurance that Alaskans must have is $50,000 per person in one accident

and $100,000 for all parties in one accident. The other Alaska auto insurance plan that’s legally compulsory is called Property Damage Liability insurance. The minimal level of coverage here is

$25,000. Automobile insurance premiums in Alaska are quite affordable, coming in right around the national average. In June of the year, Alaska car insurance rates averaged $1443, which is only a few dollars more than the $1439 national median. At an annual average rate of $2095, motorists in Anchorage pay a great deal more for their motor insurance; this is common for most metropolitan areas in the state. With all things considered, automobile insurance is priced quite fairly for Alaskan drivers.

In reference to crash numbers, the news is both good and bad for Alaskan drivers. This represents a decline of over 1200 complete crashes in only a year, as there were 11,728 crashes reported in 2006. The bad news is that as the absolute amount of crashes decreased, there is an increase in fatalities resulting from these crashes. 2006 found only 74 fatalities, and that amount jumped to 82 in 2007. It might mean higher Alaska car insurance rates, in the event the accident fatality totals continue to trend upwards.

The risk of automobile theft is somewhat limited for Alaska residents, as one may imagine. There aren’t many means for criminal elements to go enough stolen autos out of Alaska to make it a lucrative enterprise, so absolute automobile theft numbers stay low.

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