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Traffic Violations That Don’t Increase Your Insurance Rates

All you’ll be thinking about, as the policeman slowly walks towards your automobile is the despair of yet another spike in your insurance rates due to this violation.

Nevertheless, you’ll be relieved to understand that not all traffic infractions automatically translate to a rise in your vehicle insurance premiums. This post will bring you get through the traffic infractions that do not need an impact on your own insurance costs.

Traffic Violations – Why do they raise your rates?

First, it is great to understand why traffic violations even raise car insurance rates. Each time you sign up for a car insurance plan, the insurance provider will consider your recent traffic offenses into consideration when tabulating the premiums you’ll need to pay for your blend of coverage.

What many don’t understand is why traffic violations are still taken into consideration once the insurance firms compute the whole payable premium of your insurance plan.

A driver whose driver’s licence is littered with traffic infractions left, right and centre, in comparison, are quite likely to become involved in accidents, and consequently claim a large number of dollars from their insurers. A higher premium is consequently levied to cancel this chance of motorists making regular claims from insurance companies due to their competitive, haphazard driving style.

Warnings are served more as by these first time speeding tickets to dissuade drivers from committing the same offense again.

As such, when evaluating the driver’s risktaking behavior, such firsttime speeding tickets rarely lead to the classification of the driver as “high risk”.

Of course, this only holds true if that’s the only infraction beneath your name. If there are many other violations, you will discover that even this minor violation will count against you when you’re buying new insurance, or whenever your insurer is reviewing your present insurance.

Parking tickets

While parking tickets are a breach of the law, there isn’t any valid reason for insurers to conclude that you’re a driver because of these parking tickets. Illegally parked vehicles seldom cause accidents (clearly) and don’t lead to increased claims from motorists who often commit this violation.

Such actions points to a driver’s awful judgment, and hence will lead to the labeling of the driver as a “high risk” driver.

Defensive driving class

There’ll be times when Lady Luck deserts you, and you end up holding a citation that heralds the inclusion of a few points into your records. This will undoubtedly increase your premiums (unless are very minor violations) – but they fear not!! There are steps to eliminate these points from your records, and some of the very popular ones would be to bring a defensive driving class.

Across many states, the amount of points that may be struck off changes, but one thing is for certain – going to get a defensive driving class will allow you to keep a clean record and prevent your premiums from slowly snaking upwards. You can just do this every 18 months, however, so don’t believe you could break the law and repeatedly take this timeconsuming class!

Insurance firms compute their premiums based in the risk profile of the drivers – the “high risk” drivers will probably be slapped with the maximum premiums. As such, serious traffic violations, which point to rash and dangerous driving habits, will lead to higher premiums for the motorists.

That said, there remain many more minor traffic violations out there that won’t result in increases in premiums. These groups of violations include nonmoving violations and firsttime minor violations (which won’t lead to a driver’s risk profile). Nevertheless, one thing is for certain – it is better to play it safe and never even get a traffic infraction whatsoever!

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