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All About Car Rental Insurance Coverage

Do you want Rental Car Insurance when you rent-a-car?

Whether you’re traveling on business or merely for recreation, the question of “Do I need rental car insurance?” is likely to arise. Or at least it should.
It is a common misconception that all auto insurance policies and packages include coverage. Although some insurance policies will cover rental car insurance, not all of these contain it, at least not without a sizable addition to your premium. Even if some rental car coverage is included with your regular car insurance policy, the terms of your rental reporting aren’t easy to understand as your standard collision and comprehensive coverage conditions.
Auto Coverage from Your Insurer and the Rental Company Any reputable car rental company
will include insurance or they could supply the insurance for a nominal fee. If they require you to spend an additional fee for coverage and you are attempting to save money, you better be sure your insurance company has you covered.
A surefire way to see should you have rental coverage is to give your car insurance provider a call and request. In most instances you are insurance company will provide you with the same coverage you have on your daily driver.
Say, for example, that your automobile insurance policy includes collision coverage with a $500 deductible. In case your rental vehicle were involved in a fender bender, the business would cover what was laid out in the terms of the rental. Then your car insurance provider would pick up the remainder minus your deductible.
Although if you don’t have comprehensive coverage in your daily driver, it unlikely you’ll have any comprehensive coverage on your own rental car either.
Again, this varies from company to firm, so to be absolutely confident it is better to offer a call to them personally, and find out just what rental car coverage your policy includes.
Car Rental Insurance From Your Credit Card Company
Often times if you use your credit card to hire a car, the credit card company will offer complimentary insurance. Renters should check with their credit card business to check if it provides adequate coverage without buying additional insurance. Many credit cards include some theft and crash protection. Check with your credit card company before renting a car to see if you meet the requirements.
Getting Rental Car Insurance If it seems as if you are renting a car nearly as frequently as you travel
, it makes a lot of sense to extend your coverage well beyond the fundamental features provided by the rental car company. If your current vehicle insurance provider will not protect you regardless of which car you may well be driving, in this case a rental car, it may be time to find one which does.
Luckily for you, locating a car insurance policy that matches your unique needs is easier now than it is actually been before. Scroll to the top of the page and put in your zip code in the provided field to start. Within a couple minutes you’ll be shopping some of the best deals in auto insurance today.

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