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Car Insurance And Medicaid

Medicaid is the authorities run health care plan for low income families in america.

It’s financed by both the state and federal governments, and managed by each individual state. Groups eligible include low income adults and their kids, and individuals with particular disabilities. Medicaid is the biggest source for medical insurance for lowincome families in america. Depending on your own state, you may be in luck. The Special Car Insurance Policy (SAIP) in New Jersey is a business that lets drivers that qualify for Medicaid to get cheap medical coverageonly car insurance.

In most states, however, having Medicaid alone won’t cover injuries sustained in car accidents. You’ll want an added insurance plan to insure this. It’s most likely your Medicaid coverage WILL NOT insure auto accident injuries. In Addition, because Medicaid regulations differ in each state (and are constantly changing), it is difficult to say if they’ll pay anything until claims against the vehicle insurance business have been exhausted.

Please visit the government Medicaid site to determine in case your state offers any kind of motor insurance for Medicaid policy holders. It’s also possible to contact the Medicaid headquarters at toll free


A great auto insurance policy will, in case your Medicaid coverage doesn’t insure automobile accident injuries. Unfortunately, many motorists throughout the nation stayed uninsured since they just cannot afford it. Several states have set up lowcost car insurance plans (different from Medicaid) for people who qualify for it.

Apart from government programmes, there are lots of discounts available through underwriters. Lots of times, it only comes down to doing your research and shopping around. Call up a group of insurers or acquire some quotes online. Inquire about any reductions or special programs which are accessible. Often times, the insurance will be considerably cheaper than you expected.

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