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VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) are unique id sequences on each car produced in the United countries. other States and several. These numbers are sort of like a fingerprint for an automobile. They help to keep track of problems, ownership changes, and deter theft. VIN

A VIN is a 17-character sequence containing both numbers and letters. It really is affixed to every automobile, truck or trailer made in america after 1981. No two cars built within 30 years of each other can have exactly the same VIN. The Motor Vehicle Records database tracks information on a VIN, like if the car was scrutinized, when it changed ownership and if it was involved in a serious crash, rollover or flooding.

In 1987, the Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Standard required manufacturers to also put the VIN on the major parts (like engines, hoods and fenders) of particular vehicles if the car is considered “high theft” [ref].

On most automobiles, you can find the VIN on the dash on the driver’s side, and it is observable through the windshield from outside the auto. It is generally on a sticker or plate in the inside of the driver’s side door or in the frame sill where the door shuts. The VIN is sometimes printed inside the glove compartment, which is generally on the car’s name and/or on insurance records.

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