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A policy renewal is just the continuance of set and terms and conditions under an existing policy, in a similar policy usually but not always with an increase in premium to accompany the renewal.

In US car insurance policies it is typical for policies to mechanically renew unless their insurance company is informed by the policy holder in advance that they do not wish to continue coverage. In this instance the insurance company will usually issue a brand new policy upon taking the first payment due under the policy without the insured party needing to take any special actions to continue their insurance.

What are the advantages of having automatic coverage renewal for my insurance?

The edge of automatic policy renewal for your own insurance is that you don’t have to be concerned about your auto or vehicle ever being uninsured as long as you have funds to produce the first premium available with your bank or credit card then your insurer can continue to provide the same degree of coverage they always have without you making any extra attempt to renew your policy or needing to locate another appropriate policy.

Is my policy renewal automatic for my car insurance policy?

Without seeing a copy of the contract it’s not possible to tell whether your policy will automatically renew or not.

Will my policy renewal always demand a gain in premium?

For automobile insurance policies it’s likely that every renewal will see an increase in premium payments, this is because . insurance companies need to cover the increased (inflationary) expense of running and businesses their managing every year. In the event you insurance company didn’t raise the premiums every year for policy holders then while it would first look like a very great deal for policy holders eventually the insurance carrier wouldn’t be able to satisfy its obligations to pay claims and it would become insolvent.

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