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In several ways a deductible is comparable to the copayment on medical insurance but it’s generally a *set price per claim rather than on a sliding scale as with medical claims.

What types of deductible are there for car insurance?

It’s also possible for an insurance plan to provide different deductible limits against different kinds of claim, frequently this is because in instances of really low risk but high potential price the prices of insuring the complete amount may be prohibitively expensive for the client.

If you’d like to understand just what deductibles are put on your insurance policy you have to read your insurance contract and in case it’s still true that you don’t understand just what you’ll have to pay you ought to contact your insurance agent or broker for a reason, or the insurance company direct.

Might it be possible to lift or lower my deductible?

In several cases it could be possible to increase your deductible, as a way to decrease the price of the insurance policy or instead to decrease your deductibles through paying higher premiums.

However you need to be cautious with this, in case you reduce your deductible too far you won’t be getting the very best value for money since the price of the insurance may outweigh any additional benefits (or even end up costing you more than those benefits) and you’d be greatest off saving a *small each month to protect your deductible in the event of an injury.

Conversely it’s also essential not to increase your deductible so high that you simply can’t manage to pay for it, if and whenever you create a claim. In case of third party incidents those parties will be prepared to be repaid instantly by you when the insurer makes its payment. As well as within the case of your vehicle, you may be unable to to get it back on the street in case you can’t find the cash to cover the deductible.

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