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Are Women Bad Drivers?

Guys take more risks. In studies, as a *entire guys display less careful behavior than girls, for example not wearing seat belts to other automobiles, driving at higher speeds and closer, and driving while intoxicated more commonly.

BUT… how someone drives doesn’t always equal how good he drives. Guys do appear to be more adept than girls at particular driving jobs. Still, this little advantage in skill doesn’t interpret into better driving records. The types of accidents men get into are normally the effect of their riskier behaviour.

Understanding is a strong thing. Regardless of the research, psychologists assert that it’s challenging to determine whether guys are actually innately better drivers than girls or if they’re just more confident in their driving since they’re perceived to be better, and so show more ability.

Guys might be liable for more accidents than girls, but the difference is getting smaller. Now, more women drive (and more drive) than in the past, that has the unfortunate effect of a rise in speeding, aggressive driving, and even deadly crashes among women.

The take home: Drive attentively and confidently. And don’t forget to use your seat belt.

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