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Who Is At Fault When Your Car Gets Rear-Ended?

Determining who is at fault at the scene of an injury is a matter of finding out which individual was thoughtless, negligent or disobeyed a standard traffic law.

Some situations are apparent making it simple to establish who’s to blame while other situations need more details if there is any neglect or thoughtless carelessness to clarify.

Common tail scenarios

That man who hit the butt of your vehicle may be the main one to blame.

Uncommon tail scenarios

It’s been said by lawyers, who, in my own opinion are just after your cash, that regardless of what the conditions, the man who crashes in to the back of the car is consistently at fault. This isn’t accurate.

A scenario, which requires evidence from a third source, is whenever some body slams on the breaks to avoid hitting a man, or avoid an injury, avoid hitting an animal or for no reason whatsoever, and is hit from behind.

When it couldn’t be your fault even though demands evidence from a third source the final scenario, is whenever some body slams on the brakes in a road rage situation and causes one to hit them from behind. If this happens, that individual, who slammed on the brakes, might be arrested for, “assault with a lethal weapon”.


Rear end collisions are common, and in many cases the Police and insurance companies find no fault to the individual being hit from behind and deem the individual who rear ended the automobile, at fault. But, the reality of the question is, there are scenarios where it isn’t your fault or at the very least a fault but the responsibility of proof is really in both hands in those situations.

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